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Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Chronology of important dates and events

1187 B.C.E. Capture of Troy
559-530 Reign of Cyrus II, the Great
499-494 Revolt of Ionian Greeks
490 September Persian defeat at Marathon
480 September Destruction of the temples
on the Acropolis of Athens;
Persian defeat at Salamis
479 Persian defeat at Plataea
450 Peace of Kallias
431-404 Peloponnesian War
387/6 “King’s Peace”
382 birth of Philip II
380 Panegyricus of Isocrates
371 July Battle of Leuctra
369-367 Philip II hostage in Thebes
362 Battle of Mantinea
360/59 death of Perdiccas III
(brother of Philip II)
356 20 July birth of Alexander III
346 Isocrates’ letter To Philip
338 August Battle of Chaeronea
336 spring Macedonian Expeditionary force
crosses Hellespont
336 October assassination of Philip II
334 late spring Battle of the Granicus River
334 early summer Alexander in Ephesos
334 summer capture of Miletos
334 summer siege of Halicarnassus
334/3 winter Alexander’s campaigns in Caria,
Lycia, Pamphylia, Phrygia
333 spring Memnon’s naval offensive
333 spring/summer Alexander in Gordium,
campaigns in area
333 late summer Alexander into Cilicia
333 end of summer Alexander in Tarsus
333 September Darius in the Amik plain
333 November Battle of Issos
332 January-July Siege of Tyre
332 Sept.-November Siege of Gaza
331 late winter Alexander’s visit to Siwah
331 7 April Inauguration of Alexandria
331 spring Alexander in Memphis
331 April Alexander leaves Memphis 331 9 pm 20 Sept. Eclipse of moon after
Alexander crosses Tigris
331 1 October Battle of Gaugamela
331 end of Nov. Alexander leaves Babylon
331 end of Dec. Alexander leaves Susa
330 Jan - May Alexander in Persepolis
330 July Death of Darius
330 August Alexander in Zadracarta
330 October Dimnus conspiracy
330 autumn Deaths of Philotas and Parmenio
329 March Alexander in Helmand Valley
329 spring Death of Satibarzanes
329 spring Alexander crosses Hindu Kush
329 summer Capture of Bessus
329 autumn Revolts of Sogdians, Bactrians
329 winter Alexander in Bactra
328 spring-summer Campaigns in Sogdia, Bactria
328 summer Capture of Rock of Sogdiana
328 autumn Death of Cleitus in Samarcand
328/7 winter army rests in Nautaca (Karshi)
327 spring End of Sogdian revolt
327 spring Alexander marries Roxane
327 late spring Alexander introduces proskynesis
327 late spring The conspiracy of the pages
327 spring/summer Macedonians across Hindu Kush
327/6 winter Hephaestion to Indus.
Campaigns in Swat
326 late winter Capture of Aornus
326 spring army re-assembles at Indus
326 May/June Battle of the Hydaspes
326 summer solstice Alexander at Chenab
326 summer Mutiny at the Hyphasis
326 late summer Alexander back at Hydaspes
326 August Death of Coenus
326 early November Alexander begins journey
down Hydaspes
326/5 winter Alexander wounded
in Mallian town
325 July Alexander in Patala
325 late August Alexander leaves Patala
325 early October Alexander leaves Oreitai
325 early November Nearchus sets sail
along south coast
325 December Nearchus arrives in Salmus
325 late December Alexander leaves Carmania 324 March Alexander back in Susa
mass marriage ceremony
Paying off of debts
Arrival of Successors
324 mid-summer Alexander at Opis
324 summer Mutiny and banquet at Opis
324 4 August Decree about exiles
announced at Olympia
324 October Death of Hephaestion
in Ecbatana
323 early in year Alexander leaves Ecbatana
323 spring Alexander back in Babylon
323 late May Alexander falls ill
323 10 June death of Alexander

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